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Couple Massages

Relax into pleasure never known before. Through Tantra massage you connect with your vital energy and source of power. You learn and discover your own sexuality any sensuality in a conscious way and it will help you go through the daily tasks of life, in work, in love matters in a conscious way.

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Each partner is provided with the option of having a masseuse or masseur. You can choose to have two female masseuses or a masseur & a female masseuse. The massage session can take place in the same room, allowing for a shared experience. Alternatively, you have the choice to have separate massages, which allows for individual exploration and a deeper connection with oneself. In this case, one partner receives the massage with the masseuse first, followed by the other partner.


During the initial discussion, you have the opportunity to express your needs, desires, and intentions for the massage. This helps in determining the content of the massage. You and your partner also establish boundaries with your respective masseurs, including whether you are comfortable with intimate areas such as the lingam and yoni  being touched. The tantric journey is a highly customizable experience that caters to your specific requirements.


The aim of a tantric encounter is to rejuvenate the body and awaken sexual energy, which is often considered taboo or limited to intimate areas. By spreading this arousal throughout your entire being, you open yourself up to a surge of energy that can elevate your partner relationship to new and exciting heights.

Tantric massage should not be mistaken for an erotic service. Throughout the session, you will always maintain the role of the receiver, and any form of erotic engagement with the masseuse is strictly prohibited.

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