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Couples Tantra Training

Relax into pleasure never known before. Through Tantra massage you connect with your vital energy and source of power. You learn and discover your own sexuality any sensuality in a conscious way and it will help you go through the daily tasks of life, in work, in love matters in a conscious way.

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In the unique environment of a Tantra Training for Couples, tantra acts as a invigorating and rejuvenating force for your relationship, love, sensitivity towards each other, and sexuality.

Together, you can explore excitement, emotional vulnerability, and expanded consciousness, allowing the energy of your partner to flow freely.


Engaging in shared intimacy within a secure framework of agreed boundaries can be liberating, connecting, and exhilarating. The topic of mutual boundaries is often delicate, and for the sake of genuine intimacy, it should not be avoided.


We provide a safe space where you can openly discuss this subject, receiving feedback and support from experienced professionals. By participating in a shared experience within a protected environment, many issues can be alleviated and healed. You will gain a deeper understanding of your own needs and what is beneficial for you. Consequently, you and your partner can find a harmonious path that brings both of you contentment.

Tantric massage should not be mistaken for an erotic service. Throughout the session, you will always maintain the role of the receiver, and any form of erotic engagement with the masseuse is strictly prohibited.

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